Talking [APP][2.3+] Ultimate Randomizer

Ultimate Randomizer

A simple randomizer that gets your needed randoms done. This randomizer will help you through your hard times thinking where to eat, what to do, what color of shirt to wear and many more.

Currently having:
-Random List = Create a list of items, and press to random the listed items.
-Random Letter = Generates a random letter, can be filtered.
-Random Number = Generates a random number within a range, can be filtered and copied.
-Random Dice Roll = Generates a random dice roll of your choice, depending on how many dice and its sides.
-Random Color = Generates all possible colors that is supported by android in hexadecimal form. can be copied.
-Random Coin Flip = Heads or Tails.
-Random Image = Gets 1 random image from your gallery images, can be set to wallpaper.
-Random Password = Generates a random password with the character of your choice, can be copied.
-Random Time = Current time / Generates a random time upon tap, Can also set alarm for the randomed time.
-Random Cards = Picks a random card of your custom deck.
-Random Month = A random month is generated.
-Random Country = Generates a random country, can be filtered and copied.
-Rock, Paper, Scissors = Play with the randomizer, Generates rock, paper, scissors in a random manner.
-Yes, Maybe, No = Ask the randomizer, or let it answer for you. Completely random answers of Yes, Maybe, No.

For bug reports, improvements, feedback and more you can contact me at my twitter: