Default [CM11][FONT] Theme Chooser Font Packs

So I found this when browsing through GitHub:

Since the theme engine is still new and not many themes are using this yet, so I decided to compile the font packs and share it here...

1. Be sure to be running the latest CM11 (or any ROM with the new theme engine from CM11)
2. Download the font packs (they are APKs)
3. Install like a normal app and apply it from Settings

That's all! Just dead simple...

Download Links:


- CyanogenMod Inc.
- Respective owners of the fonts

Maintains for:
- CyanogenMod (i9100g)
- AOKP (deb)
- MoKee OpenSource Project (deb, i9100g, i9100)
- SlimRoms (i9100g)
- VanirAOSP (i9100g)
- AOSPA Paranoid Android (i9100g)

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