Default [Q] Dell Venue 7 GPU not supported by Gameloft

I am planning to purchase a Dell Venue 7, but reports say that the GPU is not supported by Gameloft.

GPU comes with Intel processors has ability to play high end games but most of the game developers(Gameloft) not supporting this. I have xolo - intel X900 phone which has PowerVR 400Mhz but some of the popular games not supported..
Can anyone confirm this? If so, what's the reason behind?

  • Mobile: Sony Xperia - L
  • ROM: Stock ROM
  • Model: C2104
  • Android: JellyBean 4.2.2
  • Build#: 15.3.A.1.14
  • Rooting Status: Rooted
  • Boot-Loader: Locked, Bootloader unlock allowed (*#*#7378423#*#*)