Audio [Q] Weird MP3 Issue

I have the weirdest MP3 issues. I buy all my MP3 (yes I buy my music) from Amazon MP3 app. I move all the files from the amazon mp3 folder on the internal card into the Music folder on my SD card.

Any music player I use finds the songs without issue, even the Amazon MP3 app. My typical app is the Samsung Music app. All the songs I move it finds without issue. If I don't move the files, it'll find them inside the amazon_mp3 folder on the internal card where Amazon downloads them to.

It works flawlessly. Except for the following issue. If I move this one Album (Lorde - Pure Heroin) to the external card, it isn't found by any music app. But if I leave it in the original Amazon folder it can be found without issue. It only seems to happen to this one album. I can't understand what is the deal. I move all my other downloaded MP3 from the internal card to the external card and they are all found.

I have a Galaxy S4 Tmobile.

Any ideas?