Default [Zooper Template]Swoops

My intention here was not to build something that folks would use, but rather to experiment with "animation", or moving things around as time, date, battery level, etc. changes.

This has 8 animated items.

The temperature, battery level and minutes just sort of click from one value to the next. I tried to use seconds for the minutes to make a smoother step, but it just does not work well.

The day of the week, hours, AM/PM, Month and day of month are more animated. The background numbers rotate into view and when the next increment reaches the static white value, it clicks over to the new value.

The hour and AM/PM are full circles with the values at their representative slots. The others move value in from off screen, then continue off the other side.

Most of these move in an arc, but the day of the month moves in a line.

Hopefully this will help some folks and give some of the more creative types out there some ideas for some cool new widgets.

(Next up: I almost have numbers in a "behind frosted glass" look working).