Thumbs up HTC One X Rogers

Guys, I have a spare HTC One X. It is a Rogers issue and I have unlocked it for use on other carriers.

I am looking for the simplest method. However I am unsure which post to follow as the phone is older now and I am sure my current software is not going to work with some of the original one click methods.

I would like to root it to remove bloatware and have SU access for preferred software. Also would love Sense 5 and if at all possible Sense 6 w bluetooth and all camera functions which I dont think is possible so Sense 5 will be fine , it is what it is

Here are phones current details/software:

-Android 4.1.1

-Software 3.17.631.3

-HTC SDK API Level 4.63

Anything else needed?

Appreciate the help?