Post [Q] Bug Tracking System Project / Help me

I am doing a project for my class and I am quite confused with how to start this "bug tracking" system. I've done some research and looked at diagrams but still a little confused. I really want to learn how to start it and to know how to actually build it and not just get it done for an assignment. So any help that will get me started will do! Thanks.

I would prefer some tips and guidance, and NOT looking for answers that will get my project done fast.

So far I have only written some tables such as:

Account Type (Knowing which role of management is having the bugs)
Employee (To where the bug will be assigned to)
Bugs (Or what applications are having the error)
Bug Logs? (
Status (The status of a bug if it has been opened, assigned, closed, etc. I have no clue how i can fit this in to work)

The system should have no more then 7 tables.

I am going to do this table in MySQL workbench.