Default [Q] Whatsapp Voicemessage quality is very bad - How to improve it? (JB/LeOpArDx ROM)

Hey guys,

after I've installed the Carbon ROM, I was very happy because that ROM improved the whatsapp Voicemessaging quality a lot. I didnt noticed this at first. But it wasn't stable at all so I went back to a JB stock based rom, the LeOpArDx ROM. But this is a known point in JB kernel / roms that the voice recording quality isn't that good. SO my question is how I might get back the awesome recording quality of carbon rom 4.4 ? Does anyone have an idea how I might improve the quality for example by replacing some scripts? Or does anyone know a stable 4.4 KitKat ROM without any Force closes and random reboots and navigation bar stucking?

thanks in advance