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I now have the new z2 tablet which seems great up to now, i have some touch issues at first, but since installing and using apex it seems to have gone.

anyway, im a bit annoyed with sony for moving the charging port to the top as i thought it was much better on the bottom, i could just sit with it and have it still charging, now being on the top it feels a bit strange being on charge and a little in the way, plus where i usually sit with it, the cable now feels too short.

so i was wondering if i got a 2m cable, would it actually effect the charge at all, or would it be exactly the same?

on ebay i have found a 2m cable which is only 2.95 it says its a charge cable, although one thing puzzled me, was that it says in the desc that its ideal for charging using a compatible 2000 mah adapter, but as far as i know, sony have stupidly left their charger as 1500 haven't they?

i can't understand why sony keep opting for this speed when all others seem to do 2000 or alightly more, it just leads to the tablet not always charging properly when you are also using it.

anyway, does anyone know if i will be lowering my charging power / speed if i get a 2m cable?


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