Default (MOD) all around volume booster (more variations and if it's not there let me know)

OK warning first this mod makes all the volumes very LOUD speaker/headset and Bluetooth so just a warning I'm not responsible for you blowing out your eardrums or speakers there is some distortion at the volume all the up but the main reason I made it this way is for hooking up external speakers which if there decent speakers can handle the volume so you've been warned now here's the mod
And as a reference stock value is 60
All stock earpiece to 70 -
all volumes to 75 -
All volumes to 70-
All volumes to 65 speaker to 70 -
All volumes to 70 speaker to 65 -
All volumes to 75 speaker to 80 -
All volumes to 75 speaker to 85 -
All volumes to 75 Bluetooth to 80 -
All volumes to 75 Bluetooth to 85 -
All volumes to 70 headphones to 75 -
All volumes to 75 headphones to 80 -
All volumes to 75 headphones to 85 -
Earpiece & Headphone-65 speaker-70 Bluetooth- 85-
Earpiece & headphone-75 speaker-70 Bluetooth-80-
Earpiece & headphone-75 speaker-70 Bluetooth-85 -
Revert to stock volumes--
Should work with any ROM stock, aosp, cm, and G3 Roms
Just boot into recovery and flash zip
Just start off at a low volume and work your way up till you feel comfortable with the volume
Also you if you combine vipers apk along with my mod for even better sound quality here's a link to his apk:

ALL the links thru out this thread to the various combinations are now dead please refer here in the OP to get them Thanks Rob
*NOTE* if you are using Dorimanx's kernel these mods will not work as Dorimanx's kernel does not allow for any type of volume mod. Any other kernel is fine sorry it's out of my control
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