Default To anyone who gets a failed 4.4 update, this is for you

I restored my rooted note 3 to mj5 using the popular restoration guide, and wasnt able to update to 4.4, the ota would always fail at 27%. What i did was take it to a Best Buy samsung experience center and they hard wire pushed the 4.4 update onto my note 3 which worked. They asked if i rooted it and i said no, and knox being at 0x0 helped alot lmao. So if your update is failing, just go to best buy and ask a samsung experience rep to do it for you. Reason why i got rid of root and went to 4.4 was because my phone was malfunctioning and having a lot of problems, so i upgraded to 4.4 to make it flawless again. Thank you best buy.