Default [Q] Odin/Recovery Install Failing

Device: AT&T Galaxy S III (SGH-I747) Rooted
ROM: Cyanogenmod 11

I have had my phone rooted and running a custom ROM for a few months now and I have decided that I no longer want to run a custom ROM. I looked up how to go back to stock ROM and everything said to: wipe cache and do a factory reset, download latest stock ROM off of Samsung's firmware website and flash the ROM from Odin. Every time that I did this, it would always fail even if i tried to install from recovery mode. I tried a few more times and it still didn't work. One post said that it was because TWRP, i downloaded and installed the stock recovery (which was the only successful install) and the other installs still didn't work through odin or recovery mode.

Is there anything that I am doing wrong, am I leaving a step out, or is something just flat out wrong with my device?

Assistance would be greatly appreciated!