Question [Q] WhatsApp Notification Bug


I use CM10.2 from Team Canjica on my AceII and have still this WhatsappBug.

Its a little bit difficult because in Whatsapp in Settings/Notifications/Vibrateduration i can Set Standard, Short, Long and None.

- When i set Standard in whatsapp it doesnt Vibrate on every Ringmodeprofile
- When i set Long it vibrates on every ringmode
- when i set short it vibrates in every ringmode

so what can I do that mute is mute in togglesetting from cm 10.2 and that sound is sound und Sound + Vibrations is Sound + Vibration

I have this bug in every custom Rom

So whats the solution??

Sorry for bad english

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1: AceII: CM10.2 TC
2. AceII (My KitKat TestAceII): At this Time CM11 TC with zwliew Kernel