Default Lil Help Here 😡!!! Vue theme chooser stuck on "clean" theme!

Hey XDA, I am running the latest Viper One Rom on my m7 and the last few updates haven't succeeded in correcting my problem, so I am reachingout to see if I am the only one experiencing the issues. One of my favorite features of our phones is the zoe and the ability to match custom themes to the chosen content. Lately my phone is only allowing one theme to b used, it is literally stuck on the clean theme. When I try to choose another theme it highlights only when I choose it, then instantly goes back to the clean theme. I have tried doing a full clean flash of the latest Viper One Rom wiping all data, cache, and Calvin. To no avail I am still stuck on the clean the theme, and now the only option I can think of is going back to one the earlier versions of the Rom just to have my favorite features back. Any feedback would b rad guys, are u experiencing this too? Or is it an isolated issue with just my phone! Again thanx XDA 😁