Sign [Q] Keyboard on XDA problem + calender conern

Unfortunately I have to retype this on my computer since midway through the keyboard stopped working.
I tried looking for any solutions online but got nothing.

Basically the keyboard functions, it registers what I press and gives predictions/corrections however the cursor stays in the same spot in the text box and none of the text can be entered. I don't get the "blah blah not working" window or any error window. I just can't enter text.
I tried going into app manager > All > samsung keyboard and clearning data but no use.
Oddly enough this rarely happens but when it does, it has happened on forums.

Second issue, this one is more concerning.

Today I noticed my samsung calender widget to be completed filled with reppetitive messages. It's the same message about a channel repeated for every single day, with one entry for all the years starting from the 15th for some reason.
It had a couple of entries filled within the task.
Again, I tried going into app man. > all > delete data
but got nothing
on Sam. Calender there is an option to delete repeitive entries that worked but now I'm concerned.
I know that it came from the only television app I had called TV Live (since the text was in russian and it's the only russian app I have) but I don't know how concerned I should be. I tried going through all the big antivirus apps like avast, kapersky, and 2 others but they came up empty.

Any percautions? Advice? Comments?
Anything will be helpful, and I appreciate any constructive comments.

notes: My N2 is the AT&T version, rooted, stock with Xposed framework on it but uninstalled temporarily even though Xprivacy is still working keeping track of all installed apps.