Default Actionable SMS notification.

So I watching WWDC 2014 yesterday and really liked the Actionable Notification for SMS (dont care about other apps). IMO, its an essential part of phone and I really liked this feature. Anyways, for months now I been trying to find a popup quick reply app that lets me quick reply from lockscreen on my Nexus 5 running CM11. Some stuff I found was SMS popup which didnt work to good on handling multiple messages. I used EvolveSMS for a long time since it would unlock the screen to show you the popup sms and once you hit send it would bring you back to lock screen. However I was looking for something like ChompSMS where it did that but it gave me option to customize my popup menu, I have to option to open, close, reply, delete etc (I can customize buttons) for my popup screen. Plus I can swipe from one message to another if multiple are popping up at the same time. However I was more in line of something Apple introduced, simple and yet elegant, just sms straight from notification bar, pull down and type.

Anything like that?