Default [Q] What display panel is used in Ubislate 7C..?

I happen to own a ubislate 7c+...(unfortunately )
Here is some info about ubislate..
Its a Allwinner a13 tablet which is marketed by datawind...
Cortex A8 processor running at 1GHz (Antutu reports 1.2 though)
512 MB ram
7 inch capacitive multi touch panel 800X480

Recently the display started malfunctioning,it shows no image,only backlight.
I believe the lcd panel is the culprit..
The device itself is functioning, i confirmed it by getting screenshots from adb...
after tearing down the device i noticed it has a 50 pin FFC 7 inch TFT panel and sports a res of 800X480.

Can anyone provide the exact part specification so that i can buy it.
Please post a picture or state the source of your info...

It will be great if you can provide a data sheet of the panel..


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