Question [Q] Need help clarifying options for my HK Note 3 32Gb. (Want X Note)

Hi all, I've Googled myself to death but it's just information/misinformation/old information overload. I don't know what's still valid, what's the wrong device, etc... I'm just generally unclear. Especially since my Note 3 is the Hong Kong version, 32Gb, with KitKat already installed when I bought it new.

The X Note thread has instructions for Jellybean users, and rooted KitKat users, but my phone is neither. RDLV isn't for me apparently, Kingo is bad news I've read... Lost. Every guide I find, I don't really trust amid the HK-this and outdated-that.

So, questions.
1. Does this sound right:
Step 1. Root phone in order to install TWRP or CWM recovery.
Step 2. Do EFS backup using mentioned recovery.
Step 3. Download the intended ROM.
Steps 4+. Follow instructions as listed in the X Note release thread.

2. How do I actually root the phone? Asking not because I can't find info, but because I can't find info I know is still valid.
3. Is the 32Gb Hong Kong Note 3 actually different to the international version? I know the 16Gb is, but 32?
4. Ultimately, can I put X Note on my HK Note 3?
5. I haven't even mentioned Odin. Where does Odin come into this, and what is it?

Baseband is N9005ZHUENB5,

Many thanks, I know it's a lot of messy questions but there's just so much old info to wade through now, this is the only way to know I'm reading what's current.