Default [Q] New To The Forum, I'm Trying To Update My Sidekick 4G Software

Hello, new to the board. I've got a Sidekick 4G that I would like to update the software in from 2.2.1 to a higher software, is this possible and if so how do I go by doing it? I'm pretty tech savory myself but I don't want to f* up my phone. I can't download the WWE App because I'm running old software

Always have been a very, very strong supporter of Sidekicks going way back to the early days when Danger was making them. I've read a few old post and I'm glad there are some people like me that don't care much for the iPhone or any of the newer phones out there. I wish T-Mobile would get there stuff together a released a new Sidekick

Anyways, any help would be appreciate it and I be grateful