Default [Q] Nook Color How To Guide Access

I am just new to XDA and am experimenting rooting my Nook Simple Touch Glowlight I am having trouble installing the Nook Color APK but have
found the following How Too Guide however when I try to unlock it I get the following lock out message.

JoolioGeordio, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

Please Read: New members (those with fewer than 10 posts) are not permitted to post to development-related forums. The developer forums are intended for experienced users and developers to discuss ways to improve technical aspects related to ROMs and Software. While you may be an expert, we ask ALL users to avoid posting questions about using or installing ROMs and software in the Development Forums. To encourage this new Users can read but not post in these forums.

Is it possible that it could be unlocked please as it looks like just the thing that I need to help me.

Many thanks in advance.