Default Partially bricked n5110

I have managed to mess up my Galaxy Note 8. It only boots to the CWM bootloader. I'm trying to get it back , but it doesn't go into ADB mode, so everything I try just stalls out. Is there an ClockworkMod image that I could load. I can get to the backup/restore menu , but have no backup image to restore from. Hope somebody can help this fool.

[edit] Found a zip file of Philz Touch, and once that was installed as bootloader, I could get a CM nightly to install. Praise the Lord ! I love the folks on this forum. Found the bread crumb trail in various other posts.
Currently running CleanRom 3.0 with Motley kernel on Nexus 7 tablet.
Currently running stock rooted software on Samsung Galaxy Player 4.2 .
Thank you , developers.