Exclamation [Q] please help. /sdcard gone

mildly freaking out here, need advice.

D800 - AT&T
Hellfire ROM

phone has been acting up recently when bluetooth is connected. it's not totally locked up, just extremely super slow to the point that it appears locked up and if i can't wait for it, i just reboot (hold down power button until restart)

This happened just a little while ago. When it came back up, I opened terminal and input
su reboot recovery
When in CWM, I went to "wipe cache partition"
I let it sit on that for over 5 minutes, and the animation was frozen, so I hard rebooted again.

When the OS came back up, ES File explorer reported "unable to find /sdcard"
I rebooted into recovery again and went to "format /data and /data/media (/sdcard)"
I let it sit on that screen for over five minutes and no progress.

Hard reboot again, reboot to CWM, choose "factory reset"
this took about ten minutes, and said "complete"

I rebooted and it sat on boot animation logo for over ten minutes.
reboot into recovery again, still no /sdcard found.

at this point, i'm guessing the data on the sdcard is totally lost, but i just want the OS to load.

What's the best way to get all the partitions back to normal, including /sdcard ?
I understand this will be wiping the phone.

adb, flash new image or what?