Smile [Q] [Xperia S] [Hard Brick] Red Light of Death?

Hello everyone!

My laptop ( Xperia S ( LT26I ) ) fell on the ground, the touch screen was cracked but the laptop still worked , but by aesthetic concerns and feel I changed the LCD and touch screen , up the laptop I cut black tablecloth that connects the motherboard to the screen shot I changed too, everything is very well pass this time .

But since I 've put the laptop it is IMPOSSIBLE me to start my laptop or pass in Flashmode where Fastboot mode, I only have the red LED lights up.

I did a lot of research on the web and on XDA but nothing helped me.

The only answer I could get my laptop when I connect to PC when I connect through testpoint :

- Remove the battery
- Connect the USB cable to the PC / Xperia
- Connect with a piece of wire to ground and the test item

There the pc and laptop recognizes the " SEMC flash Motto" But Flash Tool recognizes him as:

10/032/2014 11:32:54 p.m. - INFO - Device connected with USB debugging off
10/032/2014 11:32:54 p.m. - INFO - For 2011 devices line , be safe you are not in MTP mode

So can you help me to bring my laptop to life?

Thank's You!
Ps: Sorry For my English, I'm French and I'm use GoogleTrad for this thread XOXO