Default [Q] how important it is to include library on apk ?

i don't know if this is the right room, sorry if it isn't.

i've learn android programming for quite sometimes, and currently try to develop some apps and games for google play store.

my question is, is it really necessary to include library for, like arm, x86 or mips architecture into my apk ?, i see that play store will filter apk so that if i don't include those libraries, device using those architecture won't be able to see my apps or games (or perhaps i'm wrong ?).

the problem is, when i include those libraries, my apk size will doubled, even more. so, can you suggest me a solution ?

and another one, if i don't include those libraries, if people do some direct install manually, will they'll be able to run my apps or games ?

thank you before, sorry about the stupid question though