Hello dear LG G2 Mini users!
I saw that there are no custom kernels for our device (soon mine as well already mine ), so I thought that you would denefit from something like this.

As I don't have your device (yet ) I haven't tested it.
It works!
So, it's at your own risk.

Also, if the app doesn't work then try Term-init
Click the "Thanks" button if Ihelped!

Click on the image!


Current Devices:
Samsung Galaxy 5 Europa (GT-I5500) [CM11] --Rooted--
Samsung Vodafone 360 H1 (GT-I8320) [CM7.2] --Rooted--
LG G2 Mini (LG-D620r) [Stock 4.4.2] --Not Rooted-- w/ Xposed installed, for more info click here


Translated Apps (to Greek):
SD Maid
[Xposed] App Settings