Default Sony with Liquipel

I know that waterproofing on our devices is great. It's IP58 and it's waterproof according to IP standards. However I just wonder, wouldn't it be nice if Sony partnered like Liquipel or other nanocoating company to have our devices coat with their protection. I'm not saying that they should abandon the flaps, which is really and excellent solution. But there are really cases that water may get in especially for flaps accidentally opened or loose while in the water, then this is where Liquipel comes into action to "at least" provide protection on our device to make it resist damage. If we decided to take it to service center to have it opened and check then we will still have time and be assured that internal parts are not seriously damage. What do you think about that? I was really amazed with Moto G when it was tested by a reviewer in a glass of water.