Default Just got a virus (or malware or something)

So i actually work on a campus and just got pulled off the network on my phone.
It looks like i got something nasty on the phone that is acting like a port sniffer and reporting back to a server.
I got pulled off the net because my phone was basically scanning any/all computers/servers/devices on the campus net and sending out thousands of requests and packets and looking for open ports.

So apparently virus / malware / hacking on android phones is real and does happen.
I was also getting app crashes and rebootes for about 2-3 days leading up to this.

I hit a few websites that detected i was on a phone days back and were triggering auto-downloads of apk files. i didnt want nor did i ask for apks, nor was i trying to download any files of any type at the time.. I made sure to use a file explorer and delete them all, but something somehow must have gotten in there.

Anyone know any worthwile apps for combating such? I hear some people use avast, but again it seems most people just say there are no viruses for phones, but now that i see that isnt true i want to find something that actually works.. if there is something that is lol.