Default Sandbox Suggestions Please

On my Windoze desktop machines I sandbox my browser in a VMware virtual machine. Which is set to start-up from a clean disk image each time I start it. This means that I'm assured that EVERYTHING I pick up during surfing sessions is deleted when I shut down (viruses, cookies, malware payloads, history, etc). Since VMware virtual machines can have their own IP on the network I can also turn off internet access to the real machine for further security.

So is there a way to do much the same on an Android tablet? Anything close? Samsung Note Pro 12.2 so I have some ram and a decent processor.

In my research I saw that VMware came out with a virtual machine product for Android last spring. And discontinued it this spring. I'm guessing Google, Samsung, et. al. had something to do with that. But so far that is all I have found. Would like some kind of open source solution.

Thanks for your suggestions.