Angry [Q] One-handed Operation - how to keep it active until we turn it off?

Hi, I can't seem to keep the one-handed operation feature active. I typically use it in the car and while it's on, it works great. Everytime I activate it using the appropriate gesture (swipe left from right side of screen, then up diagonally to the right) the feature activates after a try or two or three.

However, anytime I turn the screen off, then turn it back on, one-handed operation is turned off and I have to go through the gestures again. Is there any way to keep this feature permanently active even when the display is turned off? It kinda defeats the purpose of being useful if I have to keep activating it anytime I need to use it.

I'm on Android 4.3, (T-Mobile Galaxy Note 3, SM-N900T).

Hoping someone can help.

Thanks everyone!