Default Screen Auto Timeout with Steelie Car Dock

Just got the Steelie magnetic car mount, and loving it so far.

The second I put the magnetic mount on my phone cover, it immediately auto triggered the dot cover screensaver that would not deactivate unless the mount was removed.

Learned that this can be deactivated by uninstalling the preloaded apk DotMatrix (have to be rooted). So I did that and all worked well, besides needing to do it every time my phone is turned back on since I'm not S-OFF yet (will finish the whole thing soon).

But NOW, the screen constantly auto-times out every time I place it on the mount and frequently while its just sitting on the mount while I have Waze open for instance. I even completely disabled screen timeout from my settings and it continues to go dark. The idea was to be hands off while driving, but can't do that when I have to keep unlocking the screen!!

Anyone have similar issues with this, or even with other magnetic type of cover accessories? Any solutions?


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