Unhappy Reyncla`s Goodbye.

Hi guys, today is a bad day reyncla, Leave the p6, a fellow has bought. Really, it was a great developer, and reyncla luck to all roms you have provided us, you will leave your comments below.

Hello Fellow

A coworker has liked my P6 with B510 Beta ROM and has been so happy that I bought.

No complaints with Huawei, in fact I had the Huawei P1, then the Huawei Honor 2 and then the Huawei P6, but I think this is an opportunity that I was presented to invest in other brands like LG, Motorola, Sony or Samsung or others.
(I still can not decide on which one)

I appreciate each of your comments as they are very valuable and I will miss them.

God bless and a big hug to everyone.