Default Bricked HTC One M7 Deleted OS

Forgive me for posting something that by most accounts on the forum would be considered redundant, but I have looked around over the past several weeks on XDA and have failed to solve my problem. I foolishly deleted my entire OS and here is just how far I have come since trying to bring the device back to stock:

The RUU’s I have seen posted haven’t worked for me. I’ve gone through the process several times with different RUU’s and I always get stuck with Error 155. Yesterday however, I thought I hit pay dirt when I did “adb push /sdcard/”. Once the push completed, I ran it in TWRP and it reported successful. When I reboot the device, I get as far as the home screen (where you swipe up to unlock) and then it just reboots. After swiping/rebooting several times, it eventually comes to the first screen you would expect to see when performing a factory reset where you choose a language. From there, I can get to the screen to input the password to my wifi connection but the device either reboots or reports “ is not responding”

I feel as if I am close, so perhaps there is a step I am leaving out. I should also note that I am no longer on Sprint, but the device was bought from them and I’d like to properly restock the phone for trade or resale.

Any advice you guys can offer is awesome