Cool [Q] help me root dna with a mac

Android: 4.2.2
sense: 5.0
software number: 3.06.605.4
h boot: 1.54
ive tried everything from htc bootloader unlock to cid.apk to weaksauce and firewater--- NOTHING HAS WORKED!! my bootloader has **TAMPERED** in black on top of **LOCKED** --- is this thing screwed or what?? whats with the "tampered" warning on the bootloader screen?? never seen that before--- im at a total loss ive never came across anything so absolutely frustrating in my life than trying to root this phone--- oh and by the way im on a mac so if anyone actually has the answer to this and i gotta get into the adb please write the code lines for mac--- this phone rocks the way it is but i know that rooting it would make it one mean machine---- PLEASE HELP ME MAKE MY MEAN MACHINE!!!