Default Servicemode app on Non-Samsung devices?

Afternoon XDA,
Let me start by saying Thank You to all. This is an amazing source of knowledge and I wanted to ask something that I know you great folks have a much better understanding of than I do.

My question is this: why is there no similar application to Servicemode on non-Samsung devices?

We use Moto, LG, HTC and Samsung for work- and I know of similar applications that give me phone info but none that let me choose to the extent of what Servicemode allows me to- I'm talking let me go in lock to LTE or UMTS bands, lock onto specific UARFCNs and the like.

Now- if there is and I am ignorant of the fact- please forgive me and, if you wouldn't mind, point me in the right direction? If not, why?

Thanks for your time if read this far.