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Thanks for that! The process worked and got me almost there.

Ok! Super progress here. This is what you need to add for the Samsung ATIV SE

// Replace oemId=Samsung with oemId=NOKIA
oSession.PathAndQuery = oSession.PathAndQuery.Replace ("oemId=SAMSUNG", "oemId=NOKIA");
// Replace the device model with the dm for the Nokia 925 (AT&T / North America):
oSession.PathAndQuery = oSession.PathAndQuery.Replace ("dm=ATIV%20SE", "dm=RM-893_nam_att_206");

Note the CAPS for the oemId.

I installed Access Point (along with some other cool Nokia Apps). I went to enable Internet Sharing, but now I have a new message:
Add Internet sharing?
"Your current data plan doesn't include Internet Sharing (it does). Do you want to open an app from your mobile operator to add it? Internet sharing use your cellular data and may incur additional charges."

Any ideas where to go from here? Clicking Yes does nothing. So does clicking no.
At this point, I'd call T-Mobile and see if they can double-check everything on their end. They might need to reprovision your data services. I had a similar issue with my old iPhone when I added the 500MB tethering option.

They do have an "access point" app (I forget what it is called) that comes pre-installed on their phones. (Literally useless, it is so when you click Yes on the "learn more" button" it tells you to call customer care to enable internet sharing. I always delete it off of mine when I restore from stock).

That is another fun trick: to get rid of apps you can't uninstall, set the date and time on your phone to later than 2200 and click on the app...it will tell you that it expired and give you the option to uninstall it!

Let me know how you make out!