Question [Q] Chrome link preview

Hi guys. I've been using Cyanogenmod 11 M6 build and the latest 4.4.2 Mahdi ROM. I have one question. I always use Chrome and I noticed that the browser no longer auto zooms when for example I'm trying to select which page to jump to on this forum. A bubble used to pop up and it would magnify the selection area. I don't remember if it was working on the stock LG 4.4.2 ROM. How come this no longer happens? The feature in Chrome I'm talking about is called link preview. On my Nexus 7 tablet running stock 4.4.2, the feature still works. There must be something in these ROMs that is somehow disabling it. Does it have to do with the LG G2's high resolution display? Can you guys test and see if you're getting the same thing? Please?