Thumbs up [Q] i9506 - CyanogenMod for Galaxy S4 LTE-A and Bootloader 4.2.2

Hi Guys,

Can I confirm if it is possible to run the Dev CyanogenMod ROM for i9506 with bootloader 4.2.2??

The reason I am asking is, I wish to install this ROM, but do not want to trip the KNOX eFuse. Which will happen if I update the bootloader to 4.3 o4 4.4.

I had a look through the threads below and there is no clear answer on if you can run this rom successfully with no major issues on bootloader 4.2.2...
(arter97) (solk2)

Also, is the headphone jack now working and the processor stuck at 1700mhz issue now resolved in the latest build??

Keep up the good work on the i9506...