Default [Q][A701] Unrecognized SIM in plane mode at startup

Hi everyone, I know there's some telephony authority here who can answer my question... so I flashed this great rom for my A701,, all is fine except for a minor annoyance: if I enter airplane mode and then put the tablet to sleep, when I go to unlock I'll find my carrier's name correctly displayed under the unlock ring. But when I turn off the tablet, still in airplane mode, after reboot it will say "invalid card", and will do so until I turn airplane mode off. I guess this has to do with the new radio driver libraries (, used as a workaround in this rom), as if rild is now unable to validate the sim card at boot if the radio is not active. In fact, it says "invalid card" instead of "no service". What gives? Any workaround?
P.s. I'm anal, I know.

UPDATE: so it looks like the solution is right here:
Only this is for CM 11, and I have no idea how to get that patch or if it's compatible with 10.2.
Mr. Pawit, could you be so kind as to help push CM 10.2 for the A701 one more step towards perfection?
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