Question [Q] Flashing boot animation on fastboot with ADB TOOLS?

Hi there. I had unlocked my Moto G bootloader, and so, I dont have the spring/fall/winter boot animation. I just flashed by fastboot (adb tools) the logo.bin so it doesnt show the "Warning device unlocked" text on startup, instead my logo now its the white M with dark background, but my boot animation still the default one (the world one). I was reading some threads but they only show how to change the bootanimation by root, and my phone isnt rooted (and i dont really want to root it). So, my question is, Can i change the bootanimation on fastboot with ADB TOOLS? If so, how?

Plus: Is there a way to have the bootanimation automatically updated on google play (motorola boot services) if my bootloader is unlocked? I dont want to manually update every new bootanimation released.

Thank you very much and please forgive any gramatic/ortographic mistake.