Unhappy [Q] Cyanogen Mod 10 LG optimus 2X Software catastrophe!

I have a number of problems with my phone at the moment,

I havent changed anything software wise and yet still everything has gone horribly.

1. It wont read on my computer- When I plug it into my computer via a USB cable, it says that the USB plugged in has malfunctioned and can not be read. Although it does charge...

2. Boot loop- I'm currently running Cyanogenmod 10 and when I attempt to turn on the phone the LG logo comes up, then the cyanogenmod logo appears and it starts turning as usual. Now normally, it turns a few times and after about 1-2 minutes, it stops and the phone turns on... But now it goes on for about 10 minutes, and then just goes black and I have to remove the battery in order to turn it back on again.

3. Recovery Mode- I cant boot up into recovery mode because whenever I try it says "S/W Upgrade: Please wait til done" And I left it be to upgrade for a good 4 hours, and when I looked back at it, the screen was black so I assumed it had upgraded and switched off. Yet still the boot up loop issue persisted so I tried to boot up in recovery mode again and yet still it said "S/W Upgrade: Please wait til done".

I dont know what to do!
Please help

The pictures are from the internet btw, they are not of or from my device.