Default Why was the Beats Audio Installer Discontinued?

I use the Beats Audio drivers, installed from the Beats Audio Installer, and I remember that on my first Android phone I installed the Beats Audio Installer from the Google Play Store, but now it's been removed.

Why was it removed?
Perhaps Beats or HTC was threatening legal action?

I would like to develop a new Beats Audio Installer and place it on the Play store, it will have extensive testing to ensure that it works on the majority of ROMs, but however I want to know why the original Beats Audio Installer was removed from the Google Play Store.
Does anyone know why?

Also, I see that there's hardly any of these drivers on the Google Play Store, only DSP managers which are only apps, and do not install new drivers, so I wonder if Google bans these types of app on the Play store.
Any thoughts on this?