Default What belongs in this forum

In light of the seriousness of security, I want to keep this forum as clean as possible. I will be working harder in the future to do so.

What belongs:
Discussions of
~ of vulnerabilities & potential vulnerabilities, with detail.
~ of vulnerability research
~ of exploit development
~ of reverse engineering
~ of application security
~ of physical device security
~ of theoretical attacks/vulnerabilities, with detail.
~ any serious security matter
detailed guides on security matters

What does NOT belong:
Copy pasted articles, with no linked source or citation
promotion of apps
promotion of services
simple how to guides (like how to use a VPN on Android)
Questions on how to unlock a device

Absolutely no FUD, nor conspiracy theory posts will be allowed. Please include citations, or strong evidence when making a post that may appear to be FUD or a conspiracy theory type post.

If you have questions as to if a post is appropriate, please either ask in reply to this post, or PM me.
I'm taking a break of an undetermined length. Please don't contact me about exploits

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