Default [Q] (SCH-R970) I can't activate my phone after installing cyanogenmod

I tried everything I could before coming here.
Today, phone was working fine. Decide to root and install cyanogen. I used Odin and installed CWM. I then made a back up of my rom with CWM. I used a dual boot type thing to keep the stock rom along side cyanogen. After getting installing new rom and gapps I see my phone is roaming. I try calling *228 to activate it. I press 1 and they say my phone can't be activated at this time. I go back into my stock rom, and its still roaming. *228 does the same thing. I restore from my backup. Still roaming. I now have done a factory reset and still have the problem.

tl;dr I can't connect to my phone network.

This is a us cellular phone/network. I noticed when I call anyone including the *228 it says verizon wireless. I don't know if that means anything