Question [Q] Please help Xcover2

Please help me someone.
I have a Xcover2 and have some questions.
I have root and install vanir_skomer_4.4.2.060314 and MINI MODULAR 4.4 GAAPS.
Phone works fine.
But how can i switch or install apps on SD Card?
I have testet some progs from googleplay APP Mgr II and Link2SD and App2SD nothink works.
Can anyone tell me how to move and install apps with vanir_skomer_4.4.2.060314 ROM on SD Card.
Wich way must i go and wich prog can i use to do this?
How can i managed that the Photos will save on SD Card.
How can i quit opend apps?
Pleas help me.
Regards Marle.M