Exclamation [Q] Lenovo S750 cannot load sd cards

Hi, i've tried to do bigger space for installing apps, so i used this application: www . modaco.com/topic/365701-re-partition-any-mtk6589-phone-without-a-pc-more-data-storage/. I choosed 2gb, reboot to recovery, wipe, load backup. Then i rebooted back to system and system cannot load internal storage. So i came back to recovery and do a partition. But i clicked the other one and i did partition on external sd card. So when i rebooted system cannot load both sd cards.
So now i have 1.5 gb space for apps but i cannot load sd card. When im in recovery i can go to external sd card but not to internal storage. I will high appreciate every help, thank you all for answers and help.