Default Handling VCards via MMS - FIX!

I've been searching forever for an app that will handle Vcards sent to my S3 via a Blackberry or iPhone. The MMS comes in blank on my text app (8ms messsaging) or even stock messaging app, but there's no way to view the vcard attachment.

Enter "Save MMS Attachemtns" app.

Opening it brings up a list of all of your MMS messages within your text threads. The interface isn't very advanced and I haven't played with it enough to be able to select just one MMS, but regardless...clicking save will export all MMS to a folder on your phone entitled "SaveMMS"

From there, you'll need to delete the extra extension text after ".vcf"

Now click on it to open with your vcard handler app. I use DW Dialer as it's way better than stock Google dialer. It takes 8 seconds to respond after clicking, but it will import to your contacts.

This is far from an elegant fix, but if you receive vcards for work like me, you need something that will work, no matter how involved.

If anyone has a better way, let us know but a big thanks to the dev for writing this.