Default [Q] ProxyDroid NTLM issues. Wingate - TWC TV

Hello all,

I normally don't really need to ask many questions on these forums but heck, when I'm going to there are only a few places I trust.

I have the MOTO DROID MAXX, I have the TWC - TV app for watching live TV. IF you were not aware, the Time Warner Cable TV app / website allows you to watch most of your line up from a mobile device. The caveat is that you have to be on your home network otherwise you're limited to pretty much home and gardening type shows. VPN is 100% blocked via the app. You also cannot have USB debugging enabled on the current app.

I found a thread that had the apk of the app that doesn't check for these "handy" features being enabled.

My system is as follows.

Wingate is hosting a proxy service on a port that is properly forwarded and working correctly on my static assigned pc. DDNS is setup for name resolution to my server. Since Wingate will be internet facing, I set up client access rules to block access from any non authenticated users.

My issue. On PC if I connect via proxy I can properly authenticate and see an authenticated session on Wingate. On my phone, I can connect to my proxy and if access rules are off I can browse just fine. However, if I try to put in the NTLM authentication on either ProxyDroid or AutoProxyLite, I show up as an unknown user!! I have tried everything and cannot figure this out!! I know the settings CAN work because the same ones previously authenticated on my old windows install.