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Hi all,
I've just purchased the NOOK HD+ from a refurbished seller and all run smoothly except for browsing, which is one of my main request.
  1. Using integrated Chrome browser the Nook completely crashes and reboot after a while or after visiting high-graphic web sites... one for all, Italian news channel www ansa it
  2. Tried to use different other web browser, like Dolphin, FlashFox, etc and all crashes... ONLY FireFox "seems" not having such problem, but I did not spend so much time testing it...
  3. Flash and in general Web-Videos don't work at all... I know this is a classical issue with Android, but I'd like to have video at least on FireFox, which is actually the only browser is working on my Nook HD
  4. Tried to install some new software but I always get Impossible to install from unknow sources... tried to find out a specific guide for my stock (hope to define it right, so that my Nook is using a micro-SD card to save things...?!?)... but the guides I found are older before September 2013 and I dunno if they are ok for my Nook...
  5. On some sites I read that there could be a problem on the microSD card of my device. Since the device is refurbished, MAYBE there could be any previous data remained on the SD and so I'd like to know if there is a way to get rid of it... Can I just extract the SD card and format it with my Windows PC?

I know I've written a long list, but I wanted to summarize the whole problems I have at the moment, before returning the device at the eBay seller...

If any of you could give me an advice, a web link or anything else... I'll really appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance and see you,

Andrea Colussi
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