Default [Q] Android 4.3 and Terminal emulators


I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with Android 4.3 (XXUEMJ9) rooted using Dr Ketan Multitool software. I have tried to use terminal emulators but they won' t open in window. The program launches, I briefly see the keyboard and the top status bar indicates Terminal session is running. In the task list, I have a Terminal session but I cannot use the terminal. I have this behaviour with Android Terminal Emulator and JS_Terminal. Privilege Terminal emulator shows up but I cannot type anything in it (It is written In mgmain JNI_OnLoad). I installed Bash X which gets root access but when I click to launch a shell I have the same behaviour than for JS_Terminal and Android Terminal Emulator. I use SuperSU to grant root access to applications. It seems something is wrong in my installation. What would you recommend ?

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