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Go to www.codeaurora.org and find the Android for MSM project. I tried to backport some of the code from that project into Hive kernel.
Will do! Just talked to an HTC rep. She apologized for the lack of support and sent a ticket of the conversation to HTC in hopes of assistance. She is even going to try to talk to her higher ups and hope that they are generous! My hopes are not that high but i was really glad to talk to someone who was concerned with the matter. She could not even believe what i was telling her ( she never used honeycomb so i am guessing she was surprised with what we have to go through.) I hope 2014 will be different for the Jetstream. O and i never thanked you for your hard work so ill take the time now. Thank you for your assistance, it means a lot to me and the other people with the jetstream here at xda! Great work and an awesome rom!